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Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF)


Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility

Provider Manuals

General Information for Providers  05/2019

Medicaid manual with general information for all provider types.

Physician-Related Services 12/2017

This manual has information specific to your provider type.

Medicaid Rules and Regulations

Fee Schedules – Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF)

Provider Notices



11/20/2018 Appropriate Billing Reminder
10/19/2018 Medicaid Fee Schedules
10/09/2018 CT of the Brain and MRI of the Head Tips
10/02/2018 MRI Brain with Contrast Radiology - revised 
10/02/2018 CT of the Brain Radiology - revised
09/18/2018 MRI of the Brain with Contrast Radiology - revised
09/18/2018 CT of the Brain Radiology - revised
06/04/2018 Coding Resources Change
04/04/2018  Updated Passport Eligible Populations & Reimbursement
03/15/2018 Criteria for MRI of the Brain rev. 04/10/2018
03/15/2018 Criteria for CT of the Brain rev. 04/10/2018
02/26/2018 New Rendering Only Provider Enrollment Application
02/20/2018 Advanced Imaging Prior Authorization


12/26/2017 MATH Web Portal Eligibility Inquiry Verification Update
12/11/2017  Montana Plan First Procedure and Service Codes - Contraceptive (IUD) Update
12/01/2017 Montana Medicaid Expansion Prior Authorization Changes
11/20/2017 Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) Claim Adjustments
11/02/2017 New Medicare Card
11/02/2017 Physician Administered Drugs - Famotidine
10/04/2017 Makena Injection Code Change and Reimbursement
10/02/2017 Montana Medicaid Expansion Changes
09/14/2017 Montana Plan First Anesthesia Update
08/21/2017 Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner
08/01/2017 Telemedicine - Correction
07/25/2017 Physician Administered Drugs - Update - NDC Requirements
07/25/2017 Physician Administered Code Update - Procedure Codes Rev. 07/26/2017
05/26/2017 Federal Final Rule, "Nondiscrimination in Health Program and Activities” and Implication for Coverage of Services Related to Gender Transition
04/06/2017 New EPSDT Request Form
03/16/2017  Physician Administered Drugs - Update

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