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Medicaid Provider Search Page

Medicaid Provider Search Page


What To Do When Your Search Term Returns Too Many Results

Often general searches on this site will return many pages of results. To narrow a search, adding what is called a “search operator” will help to get more specific results more quickly.  
On the Medicaid Provider as well as the DPHHS website, these terms may be used on the site-specific search such as the one above or in the “Search DPHHS” link on the DPHHS website or any time the CTRL+F key is utilized to search a page on the sites or any of the documents. The search operators are helpful when a document is long or if a general search returns too many options.

To use the search operators:

1. All terms are case sensitive.
2. Do not add a space between the : part of the search operator and the search term.
3. More than one search operator may be used simultaneously.

RELATED:	Finds similar words.	When unable to remember a specific term, use this to find similar words on the site or page.	RELATED:stomach  Results will include abdominal.  IN TEXT:	Find words in text as opposed to file titles.	To locate documents with specific words	IN TEXT:dental Results will show documents with the word “dental.  IN TEXT :"prophylaxis adult" Results will show documents with the words "prophylaxis adult" next to each other. This is a combination use of search operators. See the Search Operator “ “ for use of the “ “.  “  “	Finds a phrase with the words in the same order as the words between the  “  “.	To locate information about a specific phrase.	“service must be medically necessary” This returns a list of 3 pages and documents with the specific term. Without the use of the search operator 155 results are returned.  NEAR	Finds two words  positioned near each other.	Narrow search to a specific context.	physicians NEAR emergency Returns approximately 250 results.  The search for physician and the search for emergency individually return a total of over 1000 results on the provider website.