COVID-19 Provider Resources

Providers caring for Montana Healthcare Program members during this challenging time are especially appreciated. 

The buttons below provide quick access to provider resources. Below the buttons are Montana Healthcare Programs provider policy and procedure notices specific to COVID-19 impact including coverage, telemedicine/telehealth, available funding, and testing.

In response to COVID-19, the following provider notices have been issued: 


02/28/2022 COVID-19 At-Home Test Coverage
07/06/2021 Adoption Of Temporary Emergency Rule To Allow for COVID-19-Related
07/06/2021 Regulatory Discretion Beyond The Expiration Of The Governor-Declared State Of Emergency

06/30/2021 Montana Uninsured COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Program Expiration
04/26/2021 Billing for COVID-19 Vaccine 
01/05/2021 Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment (CMP) Application Template COVID-19 for In-Person Visitation Aids Request rev. 01/05/2021
12/07/2020 Medicaid Expansion Extended Through December 31, 2021 
11/12/2020 Montana Plan First -Removal of Codes for COVID-19 Testing and Treatment
10/27/2020 Provider Relief Fund General Allocation
10/01/2020 Civil Money Penalties (CMP) Information rev. 10/01/2020
08/28/2020 Provider Relief Fund General Allocation rev. 08/28/2020
08/20/2020 Behavioral Health Grants
07/27/2020 Montana Plan First - Additional Covered Code, COVID - Testing
05/15/2020 Temporary Revision to Case Management General Provisions
05/01/2020 Developmental Disabilities 0208 Comprehensive Waiver Providers
04/28/2020 National Correct Coding Initiative Announcement
04/28/2020 Temporary Suspension of the PCP Referral Requirement
04/27/2020 Non-Covered Services Agreement Policy Change
04/24/2020 Changes to Youth Community-Based Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Support Services
04/22/2020 Suspension of Prior Authorizations or Continued Stay Reviews and Clinical Requirements for Some Medicaid Programs
04/21/2020 Dental Telemedicine Notice
04/07/2020 Requirements and Billing for Telehealth Services by Nursing Facilities
04/03/2020 Temporary Amendment to Provider Enrollment Instructions
04/01/2020 Suspension of Face to Face Requirements for Some Medicaid Programs
03/27/2020 Telemedicine Medicaid Coverage and Reimbursement Policy for Telemedicine/Telehealth
03/24/2020 Montana Plan First - Additional Covered Codes, Telemedicine/Telehealth
03/19/2020 Frequently Asked Questions on Telemedicine / Telehealth