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School-Based Services

School-Based Services

Provider Manuals

General Information for Providers  05/2019

Medicaid manual with general information for all provider types.

School-Based Services 12/2017

This manual has information specific to your provider type.




Medicaid Rules and Regulations

Fee Schedules – School-Based Services

Fee Schedules – 72-Hour Presumptive

Fee Schedule - Medicaid Mental Health Adults 18 and Over

Fee Schedule - Medicaid Mental Health Youth Under 18

Fee Schedule - Mental Health Services Plan (MHSP) Adults 18 and Over

Fee Schedule - Mental Health Services Plan (MHSP) Youth Under 18

Provider Notices


10/01/2019 Chronic Care/Coordinated Care Codes
07/25/2019 Cognitive Care Reimbursement (Revised)
06/28/2019 Cognitive Care Reimbursement
06/05/2019 Reminder – Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT) Summer Program Requirements
05/20/2019 Nurse Visit - Appropriate Billing Reminder - Revised Clarification rev. 05/30/2019
05/02/2019 Outpatient Psychotherapy Limits
04/03/2019 New 2019 Psychological Testing Codes for Schools
01/23/2019 New Psychological Testing Rates - Revised
01/16/2019 New Psychological Testing Rates
01/04/2019 Outpatient Psychotherapy Limits
01/04/2019 New Psychological Testing Codes
01/04/2019 Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) Incorrect ICD-10 Code


11/20/2018 Appropriate Billing Reminder
11/19/2018 CMHB Providers Charging at or Below the Fee Schedule July 1st 2018, Version 2
11/08/2018 New Contractor Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT) Form Required
11/08/2018 Rate Updates Mass Adjustment
11/07/2018 Mass Adjustments
10/19/2018 Medicaid Fee Schedules
09/24/2018 Medicaid Reimbursement for PACT Teams
09/24/2018 Prior Authorization for Genetics Testing for Youth Mental Health
09/19/2018 2019 FMAP Rate Reflects Changes to Reimbursement on the Fee Schedule
07/02/2018 Updated CLIA Claims Editing
04/04/2018  Updated Passport Eligible Populations & Reimbursement
03/14/2018 Prior Authorization for Genetics Testing for Youth Mental Health
03/02/2018 Changes to Outpatient Psychotherapy for Youth
02/26/2018 New Rendering Only Provider Enrollment Application


12/26/2017 MATH Web Portal Eligibility Inquiry Verification Update
12/11/2017  Montana Plan First Procedure and Service Codes - Contraceptive (IUD) Update
12/01/2017 Montana Medicaid Expansion Prior Authorization Changes
11/20/2017 Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) Claim Adjustments
11/02/2017 New Medicare Card
11/01/2017 Billing Clarification for HB 589 TCM Data Collection
09/19/2017 2017 FMAP Rate Reflect Changes To Reimbursement
09/14/2017 Montana Plan First Anesthesia Update
08/21/2017 Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner
08/01/2017 Telemedicine - Correction
05/26/2017 Federal Final Rule, "Nondiscrimination in Health Program and Activities” and Implication for Coverage of Services Related to Gender Transition
04/06/2017 New EPSDT Request Form
02/02/2017 EPSDT ( Children's) Lead Screening Requirements
01/03/2017 New Guidelines for Outpatient Psychotherapy

Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC)

School Based ICD-10, Direct Care, and MAC 07/2019
This training applies to School Based service providers and the need to start coding ICD-10 diagnosis codes for October 1, 2015, dates of service forward. Refresher on Direct Care and MAC services are also included.
MAC Training (Coordination and Financial Officers) 07/2019
MAC Agreement Memorandum of Understanding 07/2019
This is the agreement that needs to be signed by the district representative and the state Medicaid Administrator in order for your district to participate in the Medicaid Administrative Claiming Program.
MAC Coordinators' Guide 07/2019
This guide provides a program overview for the person responsible for overseeing the implementation of the MAC program in the district or cooperative. It details how to prepare the participant listing, training time study participants, and managing the time study observation forms.
MAC Financial Data Guide 07/2019
This guide details the requirements for the financial data report necessary for submitting district expenditures in support of Medicaid services. MAC Time Study Guide 03/2019
This guide provides time study participants information and guidelines on how to complete the Random Moment Sample Time Study Observation forms. It gives details and examples of the activity codes. MAC Time Study Participant Training 03/2015
This presentation is designed to train the staff who will be participating in the RMS Time Study.

Participant Training Quiz 07/2019
This quiz can be used at the end of your training session to help participants code activities. It can be used individually or as a group discussion. This paper can also serve as your documentation of training to keep in your audit file.

Participant Training Quiz with Answers 07/2019

MAC Activity Code Reference Guide and Definitions 07/2019
This guide gives a detailed description of each activity code and provides examples of when the code should be used. Coordinators will find this useful when checking over the observation forms. This one-page definition of the activity codes should be copied onto the back of every Random Moment Observation form. It gives examples of when to use each activity code.
SURS Provider Self-Audit Protocol 10/2015

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