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Proposed Fee Schedules

DPHHS Medicaid Proposed Fee Schedules

MAR Notice No. 37-916

On June 4, 2020, at 10:00 a.m., the Department of Public Health and Human Services will hold a public hearing via remote conferencing to consider the proposed amendment of the above-stated rule.  Because there currently exists a state of emergency in Montana due to the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus, there will be no in-person hearing.  Interested parties may access the remote conferencing platform in the following ways:  
                (a)  Join Zoom Meeting at:  https://mtgov.zoom.us/j/96951987925?pwd=OWdKVFJzYnBaZm9YZk5OeXZ1d1o0dz09,
                       meeting ID: 969 5198 7925, password: 491848;
                (b)  Dial by telephone +1 406 444 9999 or +1 646 558 8656, meeting ID: 969 5198 7925, password: 491848;
                       find your local number:  https://mt-gov.zoom.us/u/ajQrLXmNG; or 
                (e)  Join by Skype for Business https://mt-gov.zoom.us/skype/96951987925.

The Montana Administrative Register should be viewed at mtrules.org, and searching MAR 37-916.

The proposed new fees will be effective July 1, 2020 unless otherwise noted. The proposed fee schedule/rates are posted below in alphabetical order. 

Though the fee schedule rates are proposed to be updated for Licensed Direct Entry Midwives (LDEM), currently Montana Healthcare Programs does not have any LDEM providers enrolled.  Therefore, there is no fiscal impact.

These schedules are not yet in effect. 

When a schedule is adopted it will be posted to the corresponding provider type found at https://medicaidprovider.mt.gov/providertype. Current schedules are found on each provider type page.


PROPOSED January 2020 Fee Schedules

72-Hour Presumptive Eligibility Program for Crisis Stabilization Fee Schedule
Ambulance Coversheet  Ambulance Fee Schedule
Audiology Service Coversheet  Audiology Services Fee Schedule
Autism Services Fee Schedule
CFC Coversheet   CFC Fee Schedule
Chiropractic (Children's) Coversheet   Chiropractic (Children's) Fee Schedule
Dental Hygienist Services Coversheet  Dental Hygienist Fee Schedule
Dental Services Coversheet  Dental Services Fee Schedule
Denturist Services Coversheet  Denturist Services Fee Schedule
Direct Entry Midwife Coversheet  Direct Entry Midwife Fee Schedule
DME Coversheet  DME Fee Schedule
Elderly and Physically Disabled - Big Sky Waiver Coversheet  Elderly and Physically Disabled - Big Sky Waiver  Fee Schedule
HCBS Adults with SDMI Fee Schedule
Hearing Aid Services Coversheet   Hearing Aid Services Fee Schedule
Home Health Coversheet   Home Health  Fee Schedule
Home Infusion Services Coversheet   Home Infusion Services Fee Schedule
IDTF Coversheet  IDTF Fee Schedule
Indian Health Service Fee Schedule
Laboratory Services Coversheet   Laboratory Services Fee Schedule
Medicaid MHSP Adult  Fee Schedule
Medicaid Mental Health Adult Fee Schedule
Mental Health Youth Fee Schedule
Mid-Level Services Coversheet  Mid-Level Services Fee Schedule
Mobile Imaging Services Coversheet  Mobile Imaging Services Fee Schedule
Nutrition Services Coversheet   Nutrition Services Fee Schedule
Oral Surgeon Coversheet  Oral Surgeon Fee Schedule
Orientation and Mobility Coversheet   Orientation and Mobility Coversheet Fee Schedule
Occupational Therapy Coversheet   Occupational Therapy Fee Schedule
Optician Services Coversheet   Optician Services Fee Schedule
Optometric Services Coversheet   Optometric Services Fee Schedule
PAS Coversheet  PAS Fee Schedule
Podiatry Coversheet  Podiatry Fee Schedule
Physical Therapy Services Coversheet   Physical Therapy Services Fee Schedule
Physician Coversheet  Physician Fee Schedule
Private Duty Nursing Coversheet   Private Duty Nursing Fee Schedule
Psychiatrist Coversheet  Psychiatrist Fee Schedule
Public Health Services Coversheet Public Health Services Fee Schedule
School-Based Services Coversheet   School-Based Services Fee Schedule
Speech Therapy Coversheet   Speech Therapy Fee Schedule
Substance Use Disorder Chemical Dependency Fee Schedule - Medicaid
Substance Use Disorder Chemical Dependency Fee Schedule - Non-Medicaid
Targeted Case Management (Non Mental Health) Coversheet   Targeted Case Management (Non Mental Health) Fee Schedule
Targeted Case Management (Behavioral Health Services Fee Schedule)
Transportation - Non-Emergency Specialized Coversheet   Transportation - Non-Emergency Specialized Fee Schedule
Transportation - Personal and Commercial Coversheet   Transportation - Personal and Commercial Fee Schedule